This is a place where I can organize my thoughts and notes.  Sometimes you just need to put it all together in place to see all forest in the trees.

Response to Book of Mormon Syntax Grammar Theory.

On the Imperfections of God’s Prophets and the Blessings of Critical Thought

The Time Mormons were Refugees

“Paid Clergy” in Church Literature


Mormonism and Violence

Mormon Violence on Whites and How we Recount it – Pt 1

Mormon Violence on Whites and How we Recount it – Pt. 2: Mountain Meadows Massacre



Prophets, Agency, and Revelation

The Temple: Symbols and Covenants

Revelation’s Surety and Christ’s Relationship with the Father


Blacks and the Priesthood

The Role and Impact of Lester Bush’s Scholarship on the Blacks and Priesthood.

The Lesson from Lowry Nelson

Exploring the Divinity of the Ban



Good Intentions Do Not Good Policy Make

Reflections on the “Clarification” and The Nelsons’ Remarks

Unto One of the Least of These, Unto Me

Further Reading on The Policy

Suicide and the Mormon LGBTQ Community