This is a place where I can organize my thoughts and notes. Sometimes you just need to put it all together in place to see all forest in the trees.

1. On the Imperfections of God’s Prophets and the Blessings of Critical Thought

2. The Time Mormons were Refugees

3. Mormon Monicker

4. The Big List



5. What is Truth? – Pres. Uchtdorf

6. Spiritual Experiences – Pt. 1

7. Spiritual Experiences – Pt. 2

8. Series on Epistemology. Part I – Science and Faith 

9. Series on Epistemology. Part II – The Spirit or Emotion? A Rose by Any Other Name.

10. Series on Epistemology. Part III – What of Revelation?


Mormonism and Violence

11. Mormon Violence on Whites and How we Recount it – Pt 1

12. Mormon Violence on Whites and How we Recount it – Pt. 2: Mountain Meadows Massacre



13. Prophets, Agency, and Revelation

14. The Temple: Symbols and Covenants

15. Revelation’s Surety and the Evolution of the Godhead Doctrine

16. Mormonism’s #MeToo

17. Agency and Liberty


Blacks and the Priesthood

18. The Role and Impact of Lester Bush’s Scholarship on the Blacks and Priesthood.

19. The Lesson from Lowry Nelson

20. Exploring the Divinity of the Ban

21. The Art of a Vandal: The Shocking Reaction to Racism



22. Good Intentions Do Not Good Policy Make

23. Reflections on the “Clarification” and The Nelsons’ Remarks

24. Unto One of the Least of These, Unto Me

25. Further Reading on The Policy

26. Suicide and the Mormon LGBTQ Community

27. Thoughts on Oaks’ 2017 Talk: Proclamation and the Plan



28. The Doctrine of the Proclamation – Part 1: Gender Norms

29. The Doctrine of the Proclamation – Part 2: Eternal Gender

30. Commentary on Mother’s Who Know


Book of Mormon

31. BYU Archaeologists and What They Didn’t Find

32. Response to Book of Mormon Early Modern English Grammar Theory (Carmack, 2014)

33. Thoughts and Questions Regarding Carmack (2016)

34. Old Science and Misrepresentation: The Argument for Book of Mormon Elephants


Book of Abraham

35. Book of Abraham Apologist: Brian Hauglid’s “Transformative Journey.”


Biblical Archeology

36. Historicity of the Exodus: Egypt’s Occupation of the Land of Canaan.


Mormons and Our History

37. Milk Before Meat, a Discussion

38. The Censoring of Lester Bush

39. The Hiding of Church History


Church Finances

40. “Paid Clergy” in Church Literature

41. Honesty and Finances: The Saints Unscripted YouTube Channel



42. The Moral Train Engineer: Snowpiercer vs Edward Gorey

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